Bangle Bracelets for skinny boned people

  1. Does anyone have a website or know where to purchase bangle bracelets if you are small boned? Typical sizes don't normally fit...they slip off.

    Thank you.
  2. wow, what a great idea.... i hope someone finds one. i can never waer traditional bangles either.;)
  3. I'd like to know too :smile:
  4. I also have really small wrists and ended up having my jeweler making me one, similar to the Hearts on Fire Solitude bangle.
  5. I did read in a mag that Agatha...out of NY (?)... sells them in two sizes, but there was not much of a selection. I was hoping someone knew something else for other options
  6. ... and I have the opposite problem!!!

    I find that David Yurman and Doris Panos both make bracelets on the smaller side (I keep on having to return them as they are way too small for me).

    I can tell you that Ippolita's bracelets would be WAY too big for you gals; she must be a big gal as her bracelets are big even for me!
  7. I got back on tpf just to say that. It's in this month's Shop Etc.
  8. Thank you for helping me out elongreach!^^
  9. cape cod bracelets have all kinds of sizes and they are oval shaped so less likely to spin and fall off your wrist
  10. I recently bought an enamel bangle bracelet from Hermes in a smaller size.
  11. Oooh the weird thing was I just read up on bangles for small boned ladies in this month's Style magazine. I can't remember the maker though, I'll have to get back to you on that.
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