Bangkok, Thailand LV Prices

  1. Fellow TPFers from Bangkok...Help pls. My parents are going to bangkok for vacation and I was wondering if the prices are cheaper or more expensive than hongkong or the US??? Thanks!:flowers:
  2. aren't the prices pretty cheap there in the philippines?
  3. the speedy 25 converted to USD is around $780
  4. The speedy 25 in U.S is $595. The cheapest I've seen is France and Spain...Hope that helps...
  5. $780? what is the price in pesos? oh my gosh! as stated by gem, i heard it's cheaper in france and spain, also.
  6. :Push: No idea about pricing in Thailand but ouch it sure is expensive in Philipines and I thought LVs in Oz are expensive:sweatdrop:. But I'm sure your parents will enjoy all the yummy food over there:graucho: yummmmm
  7. Around P39,000 for a speedy 30 (typed 25 by mistake)
  8. I heard the taiwan prices are very close to the US. Are your parents stopping by taiwan?
  9. woah... i always thought it would be cheaper than that
  10. Nope, just bangkok...i know hongkong prices are a bit cheaper than US but I need to know re bangkok.....Help!!!!
  11. I was in Bangkok on the 1st of this month and had bough a Taiga Billfold with 6 Credit Card Slots from there for 12600 Thai Baht which is equivalent to 336 USD. I got around 5% cash back as VAT refund. The same wallet is listed as 305 USD on Dont have Bany idea whether any tax payable on top of the eluxury price. Basically to a tourist the wallet costed 318 USD if bought from Bangkok while it will cost 305 + tax if bought from a boutique in the US
  12. ^^ How is the procedure of the VAT refund? Is it immediately deducted before payment at LV or is it refundable at the air port?
  13. The Lv Pricing in Thailand is more expensive than in HK and ofcourse in France
  14. Is it more than US prices?
  15. In Hongkong, the LV price will be cheaper than in Thailand (around $30-50). The price in Bangkok is also higher than in US. I just asked about Onatah leather 3 weeks ago, it was around $1750.

    I just don't think that you should buy LV or any luxury item there, it's expensive.