Bangkok Balenciaga

  1. I'm going to Bangkok in a month and i want to go look at the stores carrying Balenciaga there, esp. the Bal store thats in the mall connected to my hotel :love:

    are they overpriced in bangkok or about the same? also will they get the new ss 08 colours later than US and UK, just because im going on the 21st of jan and i don't want to miss out on the colours so i'm thinking about calling ahead and reserving it
  2. Hi there, the only store I know of that carries Balenciaga in Bangkok is the Balenciaga store in Siam Paragon Mall. I was just there in mid-November and the prices seemed slightly higher than in other country's stores/retailers.

    You should call them about their stock: 02 610 9255

    Perhaps other PFers with more Bangkok shopping experience will chime in too.

    (you will see tons of yucky fakes at the night markets, though :throwup:!!)

  3. thanks so much ! :smile:

    i heard there weren't any fakes in bangkok??? i'm really scared about accidentally buying one thats overpriced and super good in a store by accident asia s the place of the super fakes after all i just thought i was safe when i heard they dont make any in bangkok
  4. if you purchase a bag from an authorized retailer like the balenciaga stores, it's definitely real (club21 from singapore runs it) but if you buy it from the night market, it's definitely not. not sure if i would trust the second hand retailers there either, neither had any experiences with them. unfortunately, a ton of fakes in bangkok! they do make them there.. i think they were the original fakes market before china took over...
    as for prices, can't remember but you do get back tax!