BANG! (Heart stops) Accidently banging your e-ring against something!!!!

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  1. This evening while reaching in/out for clothes from my washing machine, I banged (LOUD BANG!) the profile of my ring (side facing me) against the washing machine as I was pulling clothes out.

    My heart stopped. I've been pretty good (very good) with my new ring so far and haven't banged it on anything. I guess this is it's first "initiation" to everyday life! Usually I NEVER wear my rings while doing house work, but I just got home and laundry was done so I wanted to throw it into the dryer before heading upstairs.

    After the big bang, I inspected my ring for a few minutes under various lighting to see if anything moved. Luckily, nothing moved.

    Don't you just hate this feeling?
  2. Hey MissD, long time!

    Oh I know the feeling..thank goodness nothing happened to it!

    My ring however..I managed to close a door on it! The prongs spread apart and thank goodness I didn't lose the diamond! My finger was squshed by the ring and the jeweler nearly took my skin off while trying to remove my ring..even though it was lubricated.
  3. Hiya Sneezz!

    That sounds painful!!!! Did you change your setting to something different after that or did you keep to the same style?
  4. I banged mine on the trunk of my sis in laws car when she picked us up in Ft. Lauderdale to go on a cruise. My heart stopped too, and when I got in her car and checked it, the diamond was loose in the setting. Sob! So, I went on my cruise, and ER hung out in the safe all week. It's all repaired now though, so all is well. It's a terrible feeling though!
  5. No not painful at all. The jeweler said the ring saved my finger! He was able to repair it. :smile:

    Yikes! I'd be soo nervous during the trip! Thank goodness you were able to keep it safe.
  6. i think just for peace of mind, you should take it to your jeweler and have him/her check the looseness of your stone. it can't hurt and it usually doesn't cost anything.

    if you say this bang was as loud as it was, i would just take it in and have them take a quick peek at it.

    better safe than sorry.
  7. I know exactly how you feel. I banged my ring ( which at the time I was wearing a 18K yellow gold engagement ring ) really hard on something metal at a bank that I was working at several years ago. I banged it so hard that the prongs on my ring had white metal on it. It actually chipped the metal off from what I had hit. I still can't believe how strong that e-ring was. The prongs on it were perfectly fine after that heart stopping hit and I was able to get the metal off of it.
  8. Oh I know exactly how you feel! I have a 30x and a 10x loupe specifically FOR inspecting! Even if I hit it on plastic or a wood door I have a full scale inspection, stop everything immediately, clean the ish out of it, and then reinspect.
  9. ^^LOL! I'm the say way! Any bang, big or small, and it's a thorough inspection with my loupe for scratches, loose diamond, etc!
  10. Your ring is SPEC-TACULAR. And I would have 3x the heart failure if I whacked that one!
  11. I don't wear mine around the house, so scared of it falling off down a drain or something.
  12. I probably should not wear mine to work since I dress mannequins and do displays (and other tasks with my hands). But I also chose the style I did and the size I did so I wouldn't need to leave it at home.
  13. I am guilty of wearing my ring everywhere! It's so comfortable, I even wear it to bed! LOL!

    Thank you, ame, for your very sweet and kind comments! But I must confess, I'm getting a little DSS, and would love an upgrade!:nuts:
  14. LOL already?! That thing is a monster!!!! You can trade me for a few days, that should cure your DSS.
  15. I don't wear my ring around the house either, I take it off right when I get home. Also, I have insurance so that keeps me from worrying about it.