Banff, Alberta tPF Meet on Sunday, October 7, 2007

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  1. Just wondering if there may be interest for an Alberta Meet probably in the fall in Banff would be a suggestion .. kind of fringe season and who doesn't want an excuse to visit Banff and look at LVs LOL and one of the best LVs in Canada! Also I think its a fringe season really since it could be between skiing and summer vacations.

    Just testing the waters to see if there's interest :smile:

  2. Hm... how far is Banff from Vancouver?!
  3. Vancouver to Banff is about 650 km or 450 miles pretty long drive or short flight, short drive.
  4. I'm so there, Tina!

    I think Karmen and I spoke of getting a Alberta meet going but we waited for you!

    Let me know if ya want any help on this one!
  5. Oh definitely, I'm just suggesting it, and didn't know if there's been one or if there's one being planned or anything so lets chat about it for sure!
  6. i should beable to make it as well! =)
  7. I'd love to go but it depends when...since during the fall I have school and I'll need my boyfriend to drive me to Banff!
  8. have fun ladies
  9. ^^ We haven't even organized details yet!! LOL

    Are we all going to PSN in September (if it's in September)?
  10. PSN is usually in the second week of November.

    Vista and I have been in contact with each other since she first posted this thread, and I have been in contact with someone from Banff LV about this meet. We have a lot of ideas but need to know some things.

    Let's take a rough estimate on what would work by answering the following questions:

    1. September, October, November or other?
    2. What day of the week?
    3. What date would you request?
    4. Mode of Transportation: Carpool, own vehicle, etc.
    5. Time of event
    You could PM/email/reply your answers to me. Please remember, this meet is still in its' initial planning stages and we need your input to put it together. If you have any other questions or concerns, Vista and I will try to answer them as best possible with what we know.
  11. Really? But a lot of PFers here said that it's usually in March and September. The one in Nov 2006 was extra. Somebody's brother works at Holts and confirmed that this year's PSN will be in September, too.
  12. ^^ Oh yeah...! Now I remember (because I couldn't attend the one before November and it was so close together!) All I could remember was November 15th, 2006. (I thought the September was the extra bad).
  13. I wonder if they'll have an extra November one this year...
    if not I hope the expected September 1 releases are released ON TIME for PSN~!!!
  14. Alas I will be in Europe on a cruise for most of November, but I'm good any other time - if you decide to do it then I'm still happy to help organize but will miss the fun /sniff lol

    ... The Manager at the LV Boutique in Banff is very excited about having us, they are providing some very special things, we will have the store closed for our event, champagne, and they are going to offer a percentage of sales to a charity on our behalf. Also hotel rates for tPFers will be made available in the area for overnighters. They are rolling out the red carpet for us :smile: Not only is this LV in one of the most scenic tourist towns being in the Canadian Rockies, they often have some unique items in the Canadian LV inventory.

    This will be by invitation only, and Louis Vuitton will be sending them out on behalf of Jazzie and myself -- so LV forum members looking to join us in Banff, Alberta for meet please start letting us know your preferences. Also send your interest to participate by to Jazzie or myself by PM for consideration of our invitation list when we are ready to compile one, Thank you :smile:
  15. confirmed!!! PSN is the first Wednesday in September (september 5th, to be exact!) woohoo!
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