bane of my CL life - pigalles

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  1. ok, so i got some lovely leopard pigalles ages ago, but still havent worn them

    firstly....they were super narrow, my foot hurt being in them.

    after about a year (yes I know that is bad) they are starting to look ok, even my SO agrees and he has always been against the fit of these.

    so i put them on tonight, because I took up the challenge of wearing all my CL's...BUT....whoa whoa whoa, now they're nearly a whole size too big because the leather has accomodated my foot at the front and there is major gaping at the back.

    so for the seasoned pigalle wearers (ahem disregarding the fact that I prob got the worng size :shame:smile: can i put heel grips in, or are these really going to have to go to a new home when I am ready to part with them?

    thanks a lot girls. (i don't know how to do big pictures, but if you click on the photo you should be able to see the space at the back.)

    DSCF2393.JPG :cutesy:
  2. My first pair, I just assumed would fit like other CLs, so I got a 41. Turns out I'm a 39.5. I have kept my 41s because they are HTF, and I just use pads and grips. :shrugs:

    It's worth trying to make them fit if you love them. But if you don't, pass them on.
  3. I dont know on size as I am still awaiting my Pigalle order from Saks, but just wanted to let you know that your leopards are GORGEOUS! Hope mine look that good....and hope you can get the size worked out. :tup:
  4. I'm not sure what you mean... so when you first got them, they fit but were tight in the toebox? so you stretched them out, and now 1 year later, they're too big lengthwise?
  5. ha ha rilo, no they were probably too long then, but the fact that I major overspilled kind of distracted me. But now that they have stretched in the toe box that isn't the problem anymore and so now i've noticed the length. I always thought that these would be my look at shoe, not wear so I dont get them out that often, in fact only recently (after seeing everyone else and becoming more active on TPF) have i been getting all my Cl's out to look at/try on/walk about/rarely wear. lol!!!

    JSG - thanks, i do love these, they were one of the first pairs and I just cant let them go!!!

    Florida - yours will be amazing
  6. the pigalle is a style I have problems with. I have those same leopard pigalles, but in the 70 heel. They stay on only because I bought a .5 size smaller. Now that they are broken in, they feel ok. I had a pair of black kid pigalle 100s, which I had to return because my foot kept falling out of them. I think that for those, you have to purchase .5 size smaller so that when they do stretch out, they will stay on feet. At least that has been my experience with them. I wanted Magenta pigalles but resisted because I have had no luck with them staying on my feet.
  7. singtong, those are so pretty! I hope you can make them work. Maybe tip toes at the ball of your foot and heel grips will help. I use both those in my 120 Pony hair Pigalles that I got tts and they're okay so far!
  8. I'm assuming those are the 120s, right? I've had a similar issue with that style. I find you have to stretch the toebox very gently, because even a gentle stretch will be enough to push you foot forward and leave a gap at the heel. Before you let them go, you should try them on with heelgrips. In fact, I have to use a little strip on mine to help them stay on.
  9. I had to use heel grips and foot petals at the ball of my foot for my 120mm pigalles. And I got them 1/2 size down, too. Double-sided tape is a good idea, too, as someone has mentioned on another thread.

    So weird - I placed them next to my decolletes (size 35.5), and the pigalles (35) are so much longer. No wonder they fit so loose. I wonder what's the rationale for determining sizes when they produce these shoes.
  10. my graffiti velvets are a full size too big for me . . . . tip toes in the front paired with heel grips in the back - if necessary, 2 pairs of tip toes. don't use the full insole b/c the sides of the pigalles are cut so low that they will flop off your feet if you have the full insole inside.
  11. thanks for all the great advice girls!

    lavender - yes they are the 120.

    by the way what are tip toes?! i've heard of gel pads and heel pads....
  12. Tip Toes are a product of Foot Petals.

    I haven't used them myself but I've ordered a few pairs. Normal gel pads work as well if you can stand them. I can't - I hate the "squeaky" feeling against my foot. Scholl has some foam pads but I don't know how much grip they provide.
  13. thanks bitstuff, you received your shoes yet? i'm still wondering whether to buy off him?
  14. If you really love them I would try the footpetals heel grips and toe pads.

    My camel decolletes are a half size too big because when I got them in the spring that was the only size available and we did not know they would get them back again. I had to experiment with what works and it depends on the cut of the shoe. I also felt the full insoles made my feet too high in the shoe (if that makes sense).

    If you can't make it work, though, pass them on.
  15. i can't stand the gel ones either, tip toes are made of some material called "poron" which is awesome - it's super cushiony even though it's quite thin, and supposedly it's more breathable :yes: