Bandit Clubhouse

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  1. Greetings! I didn't see a Bandit Clubhouse - but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I know the Bandit hasn't been a runaway hit like the Rogue - but I thought it would be nice for folks who love their Bandit to share. I'm ordering a Bandit for Christmas and I'm torn between Oxblood, Denim, or maybe the Steel Blue. I'll finally get to a Coach store in November and hopefully make a final decision - though the Steel Blue will be out of stores by then. But I think there are other Steel Blue bags I can use for reference.

    Anyhoo - post away and I'll live vicariously though everyone's beauties!
  2. Joining the club with this awesome bag. I'm starting a new job this Thursday and she will be the one that will accompany me.
    IMG_8823.JPG IMG_8824.JPG
  3. Congratulations on the new job! This bag in gorgeous. :heart:
  4. If you have not seen steel blue in person it is less vivid than pics and more of a grey blue. My rogue is thus gorgeous color combo. But I've tried on the Oxblood and it is GORGEOUS. I think you should look while banned. Take someone who won't let you buy. Leave your cards at home.
  5. Tomorrow my 39 tooled black and purple comes. Just like LL777's.
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  6. Thanks for this! What's holding me back on the Steel Blue is mostly the smaller pouch/bag. The pale color isn't my favorite. Leaning toward the Oxblood for the TDF red suede & black pouch. But I'd love something in Denim and I like that the side straps are also Denim.

    Definitely going on a reconnaissance mission in November to the Coach store in my old home town to feel up all the Bandits (and really the entire 1941 collection). This was I can prioritize my purchasing with 1st hand knowledge. Such a process...

    In the meantime I'll drool over everyone elses Bandit!
  7. The hobo part is super super soft. I also do not prefer the bandit inside the blue steel.
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  8. Hence my getting rogue 31 in steel blue.
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  9. LOVE that color on the Rogue! It's going to realistically come down to Denim or Oxblood - final decision once I see them IRL.
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  10. I have not seen denim IRL
  11. Ditto. And the pictures I've seen here,, Instagram, etc all vary from a medium, slightly brighter denim to a very dark denim. The Coach website is notoriously off on color (IMO) toward the bighger side so I'm thinking it's a bit darker. It will be interesting to finally see it IRL vs my mental image!
  12. I agree with darker, and funny enough duller. But such is leather. Making a leather of quality dye vibrantly seems elusive.
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  13. Could I bother you @Raech to post a pic of your Steel Blue Rogue you think most accurately represents the color? I'm just being unnecessarily obsessive so TIA for any indulgence :biggrin::angel:
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  14. I have yet to be able to capture it. I can try again when I get home.
  15. IMG_20170906_065853.jpg

    This is close. It is definitely a grey based light blue.
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