Bandeau/Shawl any opinions?

  1. I want to buy a bandeau/shawl. I am eyeing the black monogram shawl to use in the fall! Could you all give me any suggestions on what I could use a bandeau for? how to wear it, what I can use it for .. etc! It would be very helpful! Any one have modeling pics?
  2. Most people tie them to the bags! I have the black mc bandeau, it doesn't stay in my hair at all! It looks cute for like 10 minutes and falls out! LOL!
  3. Do a thread search on the mono shawls. Many members here have reported that they easily fray and unravel within one or 2 uses....which is why I decided against one.
  4. badeau uses... tie on your neck, tie on your bags, use as a head band, use as a belt

    te shawls do click but the still look fab I love mine
  5. The sweet flowers bandeau in red is beautiful for fall tied on bags.
  6. I love the black mono shawl, and am considering it for next winter but that's not til next June for us. Further to what Travelbliss suggested, bandeaus can also be used as a drawstring for the Noe. Bandeaus are value for money for me because I can use them so much; it really jazzes up an outfit :yes: