Bandeau/scarf newbie

  1. I'm looking to get my first bandeau(s)/scarves...something to go with damier, and maybe something for Azur.(both speedys) Elux has zero selection, and LV site...not sure what's still available.:shrugs: Any suggestions would be great! Please post pics and prices if you can. Also, bandeau vs. scarf pros and cons.

  2. :wondering anyone?
  3. Louis Vuitton: luxury leather luggage, French fashion designer
    there is a small option for search
    write scarf or bandeau there
    and a list will come with everything they have
    there is some new ones
    very pretty
    I am not sure of the name but there is one with a blue flower under the men selection that could look amazing with azur IMO
    take a look ;)
  4. ^
    But it's in cotton. =( I would've gotten it if it had been in silk (getting the towel in place of it :graucho: ), the colours are much less vibrant in cotton and it's very, very fragile. Personally I wouldn't get it as long as there are silk scarves. I'd rather get Celeste.

    I saw the one with the charms, it would also be super bubble gum cute and go well with azur IMO.
  5. What about the Etoile Bandeau in blue? That would go well with the azur, as would the LoVe bandeau and scarf, and I reckon they would also go with the ebene.
  6. one has bandeau pics? :shocked:
  7. Search the forum for etoile bandeau.
  8. I did a search, and looked through every page of the bandeau/scarf club and found etoile bandeau, and flower bandeau, and groom. Is that it? 3 bandeaus? Just wondering if there's anything new, and if these styles are even still available or sold out?
  9. Try calling 866-VUITTON. See what new styles are out and search for them on ;)
  10. i love the bandeau! it seems more versatile than a regular scarf!
  11. the gray etoile bandeau looks perfect with azur.
  12. there are not that many bandeaus but other styles include MC, Perfo (discontinued) & LVoe (new)
  13. There are also multicolor bandeaus in black and white. The LVoe bandeau is coming out soon/is already out. Ooh! The champs elysees bandeaux are really terms of availability, definitely call 866...I don't really see the bandeaux on elux, except for the multicolor ones once in a while...
  14. Thank you...this is what I was looking for...what's new, what's discontinued, etc. Bummer on the perfo...I liked that one.:girlsigh:

    What does this look like in terms of color/design?