Bandeau or Scarf?

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  1. Hi,

    Am planning to get a monogram multicolore bandeau or a monogram multicolore mini silk scarf for my newly purchased epi speedy in ivory.

    I love the bandaue for the fact it can be easily tied as a ribbon (uuhh i loveee ribbonsss :P). However I afraid the bandeau is too long since it's 47" (i've got this measurement for lv website). So, now I'm left with the scarf which I think is great too but I'm afraid that it l wont look nice as the bandeau.

    So pls help me in making my desicion. TIA ;)
  2. with the length of bandeau, you can make a pretty bow on your epi speedy's handle :yes: you can use it as head band, bracelet too! Not sure about how scarf will look if it's being tied on the handle given it's square
  3. i'm more to the scarf :P
  4. It's all in how you tie the scarf. Fold two corners inward so that the square looks like an envelope; fold the two longest edges inwards; double that and voila -- it's a long scarf that you can tie to your bag. You can find more ways to wear a scarf by googling how to tie a scarf. Square scarves, depending on size, can be worn as halter tops, bandeaus, head wraps, belts, bracelets or around your neck. Good luck with your choice.
  5. i'm biased... cuz I have the scarf your talking about lol (I think... its the mini carre one right?) and I agree with restrictor, it's all in the way you fold the scarf. So the scarf has more variations and ways of wearing it
  6. I like the scarves as it has a fuller look when tied into a bow.
  7. i think you can do more with the bandeau than with a scarf. the bandeau can be used on your bag, as a headband, and i can even use mine as a belt :yes:
  8. You can wear it as a halter top -- if you don't mind getting arrested for indecent exposure.:P
  9. I buy the bandeaus...find more use with them personally.
  10. I too am biased... I'd get the bandeau.
  11. I like the BANDEAU more.

    I agree with yeuxhonnetes, it seems like you can do more with it. :tup:
  12. I always tie both ends of my bandeaus. So I tie them like a regular bow once, then take the long ends, and tie them again. Becomes like a four-eared bow like a big fancy present bow! I tend to find the end too long otherwise, and looks a little fancier to me, anyway!
  13. Get the bandeau.
  14. i just got a scarf and i love it. it's just the right size- looks lovely in a bow, works great as a headband (perfect, actually), and can be tied around a ponytail, too! can't go wrong!
  15. When I went for the mirage I tried the scarf and I couldn't get it to sit right. The bandeau worked perfectly so I bought that. Of course I am all thumbs.
    Restricter: I need a diagram! :upsidedown: