Bandeau Lovers.. Scarf Lovers too

  1. If you are looking, SCP has Etoile in all three colors, a pink Champs D'Elise[sp?] lots of MC
    They have 1 Brown leopard silk rectangle with the pointy end..don't know the name sorry.
    1 3D hearts square:heart:
    1 LVoe square
    Damier Azur Bandana [soooo cute!!!]

    LVoe sequined floral shawl [a stunner]
    LVoe rectangle, gorgeous & would make a gret summer wrap. It's a cotton floral that starts out burgandy & dark blue then shade out to pink & pale green tones..just gorgeous.

    Happy shopping, I know most of these are pretty hard to find.
  2. Mmm.. I love the Champs scarf, I hope a lucky PF-er snags it. :graucho:
  3. OOO I don't think I've seen these before anyone have pics???
  4. i was just there this past friday to pick up a LVOE bandeau that Adam was holding for me. i was ready to pay for it until dh wanted to see it and check it out. ugh! he saw a tiny little snag so we just left it there *sniff*
    went to Rodeo Drive...they have a LVOE bandeau in stock, but same thing...a little snag plus loose threads. so i ended up getting the etoile bandeau in gris/grey since it wasn't as delicate as the LVOE bandeau.
  5. Aww, I'm sorry pink soda :sad:
    Mine is perfect as far as I can tell [now I hope it stays that way].
    The Etoile is very pretty too, congratulations!
  6. How much do bandeaus typically go for? Are they hard to find in stores?
  7. $120 usually. Most seasonal patterns sell out, but you can usually nab an MC pretty easily.

    There is one yellow groom left too, he's older but quite cute!
  8. Sorry - what is SCP?
  9. South Coast's the really big mall around Orange County, California.
  10. I need a new bandeau.
  11. Is Etoile in blue hard to find now? I am thinking about getting it from a friend. It's brand new in box and she will sell it to me $120 including shipping and no tax , of course.

    Good deal ? Your advice welcomed !

    TIA !! :heart:
  12. Sounds ok to me. It's not on the site in that color anymore like it was.
  13. OK, I got the bandeau. I will tie them on my Damier Pap.

  14. Is it okay to post a bandeau question here? Taking advantage of the free shipping offer last week from elux, I ordered the Multicolore Monogram Bandeau. The one in their picture is Black, which would match so nicely with my Black MC Pochette MM and my Black MC Wapity, both of which I am carrying in my Lichen (Mossy Green) Baggy GM these days. But, when the package arrived today, inside the box was a BLANCO (white) MC Bandeau!:confused1:

    Thinking that either they shipped the wrong one, or I had ordered the wrong one, I went back to their site and saw that although the picture on elux is of a black one, the only color they have available is the white. Nobody's error. I apparently ordered the Blanco. Now, it is lovely... but, should I keep it or return it? I have no LV boutiques near me, so my only choices are elux, 1-866-LV, or eBay (which I have had really LOUSY experiences with lately, so I'm kinda off on that idea.)

    I was thinking I would tie it on the outside of the bag sometimes, or wear it in my hair, or tie it around my neck.
  15. I tried to post on the wrong thread !! sorry.