Bandeau~ Double the fun!!!! PICS

  1. Well I went to my LV to pick up a Saleya MM in th regular Damier... but they only had the PM but a shipment should be comng this week sooo I pick up my bandeau I had on hold and another for fun,lol



    Introducing Mr. Groom Bandeau in red and a MC beandeau:yes:

    I plan on putting the groom bandeau on my damier salaya MM!!!!
  2. Congratulations on your new Bandeaus! They are so beautiful.
  3. oh, I like!
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. congrats! I love them!
  6. Cute! Esp. love the groom!
  7. Gorgeous
  8. i always had a soft spot for red groom :smile:
  9. pretty!!!
  10. Very Nice! or should I say VERY VERY Nice!!!
  11. Thanks ladies I love em!!! I think I want the etoile scarf as well!!!
  12. I loves it. I think the groom will look great with the ebene and red alacantra lining.
  13. Oh I just love groom! :love: I neeeed that!:graucho:

    Congrats on your new bandeaus!
  14. love the new bandeaus noegirl05!!
  15. Great bandeaus congrats! :yahoo: