Bandeau Champs Elysées..anyone?

  1. I just called to order one, but they are all sold out at the moment, so i need to wait until they go back in stock:crybaby:
    Does anyone have this beauty? i like it in rose!:love:

  2. I LOVE it in blue!
  3. i love this, i saw it and going to buy it around christmas time, i think i like the blue better though for my speedy 30 and it would match all my things more i think :S ill check them out one time.

    anybody know if theyre ltd etd or whether theyre just part of the collection now?
  4. I wish I had it! It's beautiful, it'll probably be one of my next purchases. Did they give you any idea of when it'll be back?

  5. Don't know exactly:sad:
    The SA told me they're waiting the new stock from Paris, so i should try next week or later.
    I'm hoping to get one soon[​IMG]
  6. I loved this too! I really wish Elux would carry it, I would totally spend my gift certificate on it!

    Now I have to wait for damier azur :sad:

    I think it's really beautiful, though, I may try to get this as a Christmas present to myself, if I am lucky
  7. It is so nice.
  8. Ooooh this is so pretty ! I shall have to put this on "the list" :graucho:
  9. it hasnt arrived yet here in Australia and im on the waiting list.

    somehow im the only person that was on the waiting list since 2weeks ago or so, not so many people into the bandeau though.

    im on the list for the blue one btw :heart:
  10. I love this design...Its so classy!
  11. It's really lovely. Good luck!! Hope it comes in soon!
  12. Gorgeous! :yes: