Bandanas or Art.........Look and see

  1. Hello,

    As promised here are the pics of my groom bandanas turned into art
    Groom4.JPG Groom1.JPG Groom3.JPG
  2. one more
  3. Looks great! I never would have thought of that. Do you mind me asking how much the grooms cost?
  4. What a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These look wonderful:yes:
  5. Really cool!:yahoo: Thanks for sharing!
  6. They totally look awesome. Im so glad you posted them so that I could see. I am waiting for mine to get back from the frame shop. Thanks for sharing
  7. Very cute idea, they look great.
  8. that looks nice!
  9. i like your blahnik shoehorn too! Very cute!

  10. Not at all, they are £72 which is approximately $130 each
  11. they look great! :biggrin:
  12. Thank you I am so looking forward to see them...looks great!!! Love them!
  13. Great idea, it looks gorgeous!!!!!!
  14. I like your shoe "spoon" on chimney. Is it Manolo Blahnik from Habitat?:smile:

    Oh ups somebody said it before, but I like it.
  15. it's a very good idea!