Band of Brothers

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  1. Who else loves this miniseries about the 101st Airborne Division, Easy Company??
    I've watched it twice through now, and I'm ready to watch it again. I'd never been interested in WW2 until watching this. I think its brilliant!
  2. I've only heard good things about this series. I think it was originally on HBO and all of their series are pheonomenal. I will have to watch it sometime.

    How does it compare to Saving Private Ryan?
  3. ^It's sooooooo much better! and I love Saving Private Ryan! Seriously, you must see this! You never want it to end. It's more in-depth, more personal, it gives you the real experience. Also there are interviews with the actual soldiers who were there throughout it. Dick Winters, and a few of the others who were in Easy Company. You just really end up loving them. You'll know what I mean once you see it. :smile:
  4. It's a good show but I've only watched a couple of minutes of one eposide awhile ago and it was too much....too bloody and too violent for my taste. I was watching the show through my fingers...and when I saw a hand get blown off...that's when I turned the show off.:Push:
  5. I think it may be better to watch it from the beginning at Currahee when they are all getting to know each other and training, that way it's much more about their relationships together. But yes, it definately gets bloody and violent, but I suppose it's needed to be realistic.
  6. Danica OK, it's on my list! I'm always looking for good entertainment. I hate wasting time when I know nothing about a certain tv show. I'm almost certain this was an HBO series so that really bumps in up IMHO.

    As an aside, in keeping with the WWII theme, one of my favorite authors Jeff Shaara has just written a new book about WWII. He writes historical fiction and all of his books are good (if you are a dork like me and like history). His series on the revolutionary war was great.
  7. Maxter, it is an HBO series.:yes: Tom Hanks directed it, and Stephen Ambrose wrote the book. I have also read the book, which is good, but in this case the movie is actually better. I'll have to do a search for Jeff Shaara. Thanks for the tip! I've always loved history, so I'm sure, like you, I'll enjoy it.
  8. Oh my goodness, LOVE Band of Brothers. I bought the boxed set after watching a few episodes on TV. My favorite episode is "Why we Fight" where they liberate the camps in Germany. I cried my eyes out!
  9. ^ YES!! Me too! That episode is so sad. I'm still amazed that the Germans didn't know what was happening, didn't they say they thought it was American propaganda?

    I like the Battle of the Bulge episodes, I forget what they are called. But they are really intense.
  10. Love that mini series. I got interested in WWII history, especially in Europe because of Band of Brothers. DH and I went to visit a camp in Germany and it's true that most of the residents in the same small town did not know what was going on inside the camp. It was so sad. They had pictures of the residents visiting the camp after it was liberated and you can see the shock and pain on their face.
  11. ^ I would love to travel to all of the different sites, D-Day beaches, etc. I think it would be so interesting. Dh is the WW2 buff...but now I'm all for it since Band of Brothers. It's hard to look at pictures of the camps...there are not enough words to describe it.
  12. We went on a sunny September day. I don't think I could have gone if it was dark and cloudy. It was very depressing but you know what? You also get to see the 'good' vs. the 'evil'. I think it's great that all German school kids are required to visit a camp. Kudos to their government for acknowledging what was wrong and trying everything to prevent the same thing from happening.
  13. I had no idea they were required to go. But that's really great. It should be that way. There's nothing better than continuing to educate. I was supposed to take a trip to Dachau last time I was visiting in Holland, but never got the chance. (Apparently it was closest to where we were).
  14. Danica,

    I ~finally~ got around to watching this series. HBO has it InDemand right now. I am on the 3rd episode and I love it!!! I don't think I would've watched it unless you gave it such a great review. I can't wait until tonight to watch episode 4. Ross, from friends, was an interesting character. Does he come back in later episodes?

    I also think it is very appropriate that I'm watching this over the Memorial Day Weekend.

    So good, Thanks for the recommendation!!
  15. You do see Ross' character (Sobel, I think) again later on. :smile: I think he actually did a really good job in this...its Ross as we've never seen him haha

    I'm glad you're enjoying it!!