fake or real?

  1. Fake.
  2. how do you know? How can it be allowed, they are a registered company I think!
  3. I base my assertion on the fact that Eluxury is the ONLY place for authentic Louis Vuitton online. Also, Chanel never sells their bags online, and Balenciaga only sells their bags online through Aloha Rag, but you have to call the store to get info. They don't display the info on their site. Another thing is that the prices are way too low.
  4. i agree they "might" be fake, but not the prices being low. They are still steep for alleged fake bags (except THAT'S WAY TOO CHEAP!!!) Maybe there's a possibility of them being authentic?? Nonetheless, I WILL NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD SHOPPING for purses online except elux, Saks, neiman, net-a-porter, etc....
  5. I don't know whether this site is selling authentic bags or not, but it is certainly possible to find authentic Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Balenciaga online. eLuxury is the only AUTHORIZED LV dealer online and Chanel & Balenciaga do not themselves sell their bags online, but that is different than saying flatly that anyone else selling these bags online must be selling fakes.
  6. well if you buy a bag online, it has to be preowned for it to be real especially for chanel, lv and balenciaga since as stated by armcandy, lv's only authorized online retailer is eluxury and both chanel and balenciaga do not sell their bags online. that being said, this site has to be fake b/c they claim everything to be brand new. and like rally said, NOT everyone sells fake online... but if it were to be real, it would have to preowned.
  7. Fake!:sad:
  8. Hi bananasoup is not fake I have seen it advertised in magazines and national newspapers, also check who they are verified by.
  9. f
    once and for all, fake.
  10. I'd say fake, the price of the Balenciaga bag is awfully cheap and I am certain they only sell their bags via one authorized store. You may call Balenciaga at 212-279-4440 to confirm if bananasoup is an authorized retailer.

    Hope to own a Balenciaga bag by Spring 2007.
  11. Did someone ever call to ask? I don't live in US but would really like to know this myself...if one of you did, please share. Thanks~!!
  12. Not fake
  13. I emailed them about the Vuitton bag and they said :

    Hi Lorna,

    As you may know bananasoup is a family run business trading since November
    2004. We have only received one delivery of LV in all that time and it was
    a total of eight bags, of which we have four left. It is extremely unlikely
    that we will pick up any more LV, as this was a one off that our supplier
    was offered. Our supplier has been supplying the USA, Japan and the UK for
    over 20 years. So please be assured that all our products are genuine.

    If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards

    Leighton Norris
  14. "Our supplier"?
    That's not a good sign.