Banana311's Tiny collection

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  1. 1.)Botkier Essex
    2.) Prada yellow silk evening bag
    3.) Coach hamptons hobo
    4.) Dior Pyramid bag
    5.) Gucci
    ashley 052.jpg
  2. not really sure of the brand, but I love the brown one!!!
  3. Great collection!
  4. Great collection- the prada is perfect for summer
  5. :drool: on the brown one
  6. Love the Botkier!
  7. Your babies are fabulous!
  8. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  9. cute bags!! :biggrin:
  10. Gorgeous bags!!!
  11. great collection
  12. These are a few more of my purses.
    1.) Guccissima Horsebit
    2.) Coach hamptons hobo (needs a good cleaning)
    3.) Coach signature satchel (the one I'm carrying on the far left)
    gucci 008.jpg gucci 009.jpg Copy of holidays and fun 037.jpg
  13. The bag you guys all love is the BOTKIER ESSEX. She is my baby. The guccissima and the botkier are by far my favorites.
  14. Here are some close-ups of the Botkier.
    botkier 005.jpg botkier 004.jpg
  15. banana you guys are rockin those Coach bags! great collection!