Banana Republich Chatham (Satchel)

  1. Is anyone else intrigued by this one?

    Banana Republic Chatham.

    It comes in Ginger and Black. I went downtown to look at it, and the leather is thick and rugged - nice! I'm thinking :yes: yes!

    Your thoughts?
  2. I like it. Nice lines.
  3. Very pretty. I shopped there today but didn't look at bags.
    But their bags are REALLY nice!
  4. Big YES from me! I like it a lot!
  5. I really like it, especially in the ginger color.
  6. I was actually admiring this purse online yesterday! I like it!
  7. Very nice, but the price is too much. Why are all these mall brands pricing their stuff as if they're high end?
  8. love it - definitely want this one!!!! LOVE it.
  9. nice :smile: