Banana Republic

  1. Anyone shop at this store? I have never until over this past weekend. I happened to browse and they have some really nice clothes and handbags! I was impressed!
  2. I pop in there all the time!!! I love their shorts, and cami' me its a great place for basics. :yes:
  3. I always take a look..but very rarely do I see something I love. I do often like their shoes though.
  4. i buy a lot from banana for work. good basics. love the martin pant
  5. They have a lot of good basics, but their clothes don't really vary much from year to year. I like Banana Republic for my work clothes.
  6. LOVE them! Their pants/bottoms fit me well. I like their casual wear really well, I never check out their business wear.
    They also usually have at least one great pair of shoes each seasons and quality handbags.
    Their new scent Alabaster is pretty nice too!
  7. Their fall collection this year is very disappointing. I liked last year's tweeds better.
  8. love banana republic :heart: their timeless tees are my all-time faves. i have like 10 of them in different colours, from a span of 3-4 years.
  9. once in a while they have something really nice. i bought a pinstripe blazer from there that looks great with jeans. i have about 5 pairs of pants martins and ryans that i wear to work.
  10. Being petite, I just love them! Get most of my work clothes from them. Just bought three pairs of slacks which I won't need to hem, so I'm happy about that. I also find their shoes comfortable and reasonably priced. I also think the quality of their merchandise is good.
  11. You sound like me! I've lost count of how many Timeless Tees I have.

    My biggest gripe about BR is that for their prices, the quality just isn't there. I can spend the same money at Ann Taylor and get much, much better quality both in the fabrics and construction. I know the younger folks go for the BR name and "status" of their things, but I'm more practical than that. In fact, I can't recall EVER buying something from them that wasn't on their clearance page on the website or the clearance rack in the store. Earlier this spring I was in the store and got a beautiful linen/silk blend skirt, a very nice chocolate brown sleeveless tank and, open knit cap sleeve milk chocolate sweater to layer over it and a belt to cinch at the waist. Had I bought all that at the original price, it would have been nearly $325!!! On the clearance rack, the entire outfit was $93 (that was including tax). THAT I can justify. :rochard:
  12. I bought one of their Tangier Hobos, and the leather is wonderful!
  13. I also love BR a lot and have for a long time - but mostly because of carrying petites! Of course, more online than in any stores near me - I have bought jackets which work well for petites, and pants, and some tops as well...I like the classic lines and quality....
  14. I like their basic tees, tanks and khakis. I almost got a wonderful trench coat there recently, but the cuff buttons were a little too chintzy.
  15. The one time I ever stopped into Banana Republic, it was to buy a bottle of their Alabaster fragrance, so you know that my visit was pretty recent. I'm not really a fan of their clothing... it all seems so bland and blah.