Banana Republic....

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  1. What are your favorite pieces from BR?

    I know they aren't high end but they have some decent clothes.
  2. I like them for good basics, like nice solid-color blouses. They are always on clearance and always colors that are super "hot" right now, so I can pair them with some of my more spendy stuff for a quick update. Not bad!
  3. their amazing high-waisted skirts!! if you couldn't already tell from my thread hahaha....also sometimes i love their jewelry--you can't get better priced costume jewelry anywhere else. my bf loves their silk-cashmere sweaters.
  4. i like their merino wool sweaters. Basic and will last many seasons!
  5. I find their cardigans high quality basics that wash and wear well.
  6. I have a few shirts that I really like from BR and a suit. I like a lot of their clothing.
  7. I love BR suits! I have about 10 of them (pant and skirt suits). They fit me the best since everything comes in tall sizes.
  8. I actually LOVE BR. One of my favorite brands! I think about 75% of my closet is BR.
  9. I love their Tshirts, the colors never fade and they are not see through. The material is a very good quality also you cant beat their prices!
  10. I absolutely love Banana's ballet flats (not clothing, but I thought I'd post anyway). I have two pairs. My basic black pair has held up very, very well and are more comfortable than most pairs I've tried on. I think they're great quality for the price. If you watch and wait for sales, you can get a pair for around $50.

    I like the way Banana's button up collared shirts fit, too. I'm not one to shell out lots of money for white work basics (I'm prone to spilling...), and their shirts fit my price/quality criteria.
  11. Suits