Banana Republic

  1. Banana Republic online just put all of their bags on sale. Use code BRFREE to get free shipping on orders over $125.
  2. I'm a little annoyed with them. I *just* put a Tangiers bag in my cart, and in the time it took me to go get my credit card the price went back up to $248. I guess someone goofed on what was supposed to go on sale.
  3. Really? I just bought one myself at the sale price and when I look online now it looks like they're still on sale. Maybe try again?
  4. Edited to say that I cleared my cache and everything is fine again. I just have to press the Order Now button : )
  5. BR doesn't deliver in Canada. GRRR.

    I guess its a good thing because I'd be poor if they did. Hehe.
  6. Oh, courtb, I think you're right. Earlier this morning they had all the bags on sale and now I can see that there are only select bags on sale! I wonder if someone made a mistake.... I bought the Tangiers large triangle for $167 when I first posted and now its back up to $248!
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