Banana Republic-Winter Sale Starts Today/Up To 40% Off

  1. and they have the friends and family coupon for 30% off ins tores only they sent out through e-mail!
    I dunno how to post it here? Its for Canada too...
  2. I already rocked this last night. My luxe card is screaming but the cashmere hoodies are finally marked down.

    If you have a luxe card, they still have the 20% off $150 purchase using code LUXENOW.
  3. I was there last night and used a coupon that I printed out from the link that was posted on another thread. You mean there's another f&f event for this weekend or we're talking about the same thing here? Please pm me the link. Thanks! I was on their mailing list before but didn't find it useful for anything related to BR Canada. I guess the tables have turned now hey.. or we just lucked out this time? ;)

  4. wow, this is quite a sale!
  5. hey do u remember wut thread it was that had a coupon?? id love to use it too to stock up some winter stuff! =)
  6. They had sent out an email coupon for another Friends and Family 30% off, but it was for in-store only and was good from Dec 19-21.
  7. BRHOLIDAY gives you another 20% off at checkout. It is valid through December 24th.
  8. I went to BR today and at least for NYC, b&m is cheaper than online even with the coupon code.

    Cashmere is $15-$30 cheaper in store and everything else averages about $10 less. If you can get to a BR store then do so. If you find an especially helpful SA you can tell them you misplaced your coupon and they might give you the extra 20% off. As posted earlier coupon is good until 12/24.
  9. Can someone please post the 20% coupon that's good until Dec 24th? Will this work in Canada as well? TIA!
  10. The recent one was good 'til dec. 21st. Applicable to US, Puerto Rico and Canada. I'm guessing the winter sale is better than the f&f event and well boxing day is only a few days away anyway! :tup:

  11. any free shipping codes out there?
  12. Thanks for clarifying, beauty k! I'm going to hit BR tomorrow and check out the sale...wish me luck! :graucho: