banana republic tote- your vote yea or nay?

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  1. ok i hope the picture got on with this blog.

    i bought this and then returned it..... BR really surprised me..... nice leather and good styles.....

    what's your vote?

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  2. OMG i did it!!!!

    ok i will post pics of my new purchases and not have to go thru vlad! (cross fingers!)
  3. Well, it looks ok but I feel nothing or really too special about it.
  4. its between a yea or nay. closer to the nay.
  5. Umm,
    I can't tell the size, but if it is a big tote, then Yay.
  6. Yay!
  7. It's a YAY for me. I also like it in brown.
  8. It's 16" x 16" x 4" -- pretty big.
  9. little too plain for my tastes. but it's an ok bag...
  10. I like it...reminds me of a toned-down Farrah. The leather looks nice. BR has come out with some nice bags this season.
  11. Oh my, I just tried that exact bag on tonight at BR:lol:
    It caught my attention because it was a nice, not-so-bright white and the pebbled leather looked very pretty.
    I liked it after the stuffing was taken out. The price was great, too;)
    I say yay!
    By the way, what did you return it?
  12. I like it! I actually like a lot of the new BR bags! I've only seen them on the website though, but the leather looks yummy! I definitely plan on checking them out soon ;)
  13. Definitely a YAY from me! (I have it in white and I love it! :love:)
  14. I don't really have an opinion on it either way. There's nothing making it offensively hideous so I don't not like it, but there's nothing making it special to make me like it.
  15. yay