Banana Republic Tangiers

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  1. Hello all!

    So, my camera isn't working right now, but I wanted to share my first "brown" bag purchase in a really long's from the new Banana Republic Tangiers line, the Tangiers Small Triangle bag:


    The inside:

    It retails for $178 plus tax (a steal to begin with), but I had $75 in BR rewards, so it came out to be about $110 total. I think BR has some really nice bags lately.
  2. Ooh, I was just looking at that bag in the store yesterday. It's a really nice bag, congratulations!!!
  3. What a great bag at a great price! Enjoy! Thanks for posting pics!
  4. Oh it's very nice bag SuLi. It looks yummy! Congrats!
  5. i was holding that bag in my hand yesterday! i was debating to get it, but i didn't. the leather is so super soft! how do you like it? i was also looking at the large kemptons bag in brown too. both very nice!
  6. its brilliant, i was actually looking at that one online today debating if i should buy that navy satin short trench, need a bag to go with!
  7. SuLi, congrats! I really like the bags that BR have been putting out recently: bloomsbury, kempton, and tangiers. I particularly like the tangiers triangle bags.
  8. Seriously that exact bag, color, and size are on my wish list!
  9. Love that bag! BR has impressed me recently! Might have to take a look at them and the price is right too!:love:
  10. I do love their leather this year! I love that shape and color as well.
  11. If you go on their BR website, they currently have a daily instant win game to recieve any of their new bags. If you match the purse with the purse shown you win the bag. Pretty cool if you win!
  12. i went in there friday to see if the white kempton was in but they didnt have it! :sad: I saw the tangiers though but was mad bcuzz i walked out with nothing! and there's no BR where i live -i have to hike it to houston.
  13. I just went to BR today to see the tangier in person. It was fabulous!
    The brown is very nice and I love the unique way it opens. I also had a chance to see the purse in black. I didn't get either YET because I just couldn't decide on which color. The brown showed the pretty stiching on the handle, yet the black looked so sleek and stylish. Any help would be appreciated - pros and cons! TIA:biggrin:
  14. If you call a BR store and order they will ship it to you. They do here so I would thing they would elsewhere.
  15. I love those bags too, the big and small. Great purchase Su Li!