Banana Republic Sizing for Pants

  1. I recently purchased(online) my normal size in the BR contour cords. They were laughably huge on me.

    Is this an issue with the 'contour' pants, or all the pants? Does anyone know?
  2. br pants sizing runs large in general. i order one size down from my normal size.
  3. ^:yes: I agree, I always wear about one size smaller :biggrin:
  4. Arrgh! Thanks everyone. Of couse the size down is sold out.:sad:
  5. The stores website provides a description of how the pants will fit: The Contour is described as a "curvier fit that sits below the waist". If you are not "curvy" then the pants will fit baggy in certain spots (i.e. hips and behind). You should consider going down a size or try another style pant, such as the Martin (IMO this style is true to size).
  6. Thanks Mia2001-

    You are right-the contour fit didn't work for me for exactly the reasons you describe. I went to the store today to try some other pants on, and my normal size still ran large, but not like the contour, which seemed 2 sizes too big.

    Does anyone know a good source for classic cords that are truly bootcut or slightly flared? Normally I'd go to J. Crew, but their cords this year are a slim straight leg even though they are calling it bootcut. Lots of places have the trouser cords, but I want the 5 pocket styling.