Banana Republic: shoes 50% off sale price: in-store

  1. I stopped in Banana Republic this afternoon and noticed that all sale shoes were an additional 50% off the sale price. I scored a beautiful pair of pumps for $20 instead of the original price of $128!

    Unfortunately, I don't know how long this promotion runs.
  2. Wow, $20 for BR pumps. Great deal! I think I need to make a special trip to BR. Thanks for posting. :tup:
  3. BR shoes are generally pretty good. I will try to stop by tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!!
  4. oooh nice. i shall make my bf take me tmr

    i got these REALLY NICE bronze strappy sandals for get this......$7!!!!!!!!!
    they were actually $98 for retail.....they rang up to like 44.97 but there was a sticker both on the shoe and on the box (which they brought from the back) which said $ then she is like ok, ur total is 11.97. so im like, but its 50% off that, so its 5.98. shes like no, there is no 50% off that....and then i stare at her for a while, and tell her that its says 50% off sale price, clearly this is a sale price. and, furthermore, i clarified with the person who handed me the box that it will come out to 5.98, and i even show her the person. then she asks her colleague about it and then gives it to me for 50% off....(technically 6.97 isn't 50% off, but whose complaining!!! as long as i was treated fairly its all good! i didnt want to be blacklisted at the store! :graucho:).
  6. ^^wow that's an incredible deal. Congrats! I am gonna have to check the sale out.
  7. this was an excellent sale! i got a pair of black peep-toe heels for $24 and some houndstooth rainboots for $25. i heart BR!
  8. I went yest and there were hardly anything in my size, which is a 9. :sad:
  9. Wow, I'm going to have to head there and check out the sale!
  10. My daughter & I went today and she got cute little cashmere flats for $9.99! My BR was out of a lot of sizes, though. Thanks for posting about the sale.
    They had a few of their spring handbag styles in and they are pretty nice. Especially with a discount code.
  11. ^ $7 shoes! HOLY COW!
    has anyone else noticed that BR shoes tend to run narrow?
  12. yes - narrow
  13. Yes, narrow because my slim feet can fit in these shoes. I got a pair of t-strap sandals yesterday. Reg. $128 for $19.99 and then an extra 10% off with a survey coupon. Before Christmas I got a pair of black sandals reg $138 for $32. Later they were reduced even further but I missed PA eligibility by a day. Manila, nothing can beat your $7 shoes. Great deal!

    I love that these shoes fit. I have such a hard time finding stylish narrow shoes.
  14. oh
  15. I wonder if it's in Canada to the mall I go...