Banana Republic Premium bags???

  1. Thoughts??

    I bought the new bedford satchel recently in chalk and I am in love w/ it - :love: thinking of getting a couple of others - decent prices I think too....
  2. They had their bags on display in their window when I passed by in the mall this week. Some of the designs were really cute. How's the quality?
  3. it is very good - the leather is really nicely done - this is my 3rd premium from them and i am not disappointed yet....
  4. the quality is very good. I own one BR bag from their more recent premium lines... (I also have this really cool bright green bag from them when they first started doing leather bags, which is pretty good quality as well), my mom also got a BR bag for christmas (from me).. it's a great bag!

    I'd say you can't go wrong.
  5. I think they are great bags. The leather and drape is lovely and the styles are all adorable.