Banana Republic policy on shrunk clothes?

  1. I apologize if this is in the wrong thread but I wasn't sure where it belonged.

    I am SO mad/upset. I did laundry tonight and I was in a rush so instead of going through my laundry basket before emptying it into the washer, I just dumped everything in. When I took the clothes out of the dryer, I found my $128 wool sweater from BR that I bought a month ago and wore only twice. Tears almost came to my eyes because I was so mad at myself for just dumping everything in.

    I just wanted to know if anyone knows if Banana Republic has any policy on clothes that shrink if they were purchased in a certain amount of time. I'm sure I'm sh*t out of luck but I just wanted to know my options before I decide to save it as a cute dress for the 2 yr old that I hope to have in about 6 years.
  2. Hmmm- doesn't sound like they would. Wool is notorious for shrinking when washed (doesn't the tag say to dry clean only?). They would probably take back a pair of jeans if they shrunk terribly -- they tell you that they are preshrunk.

    I've done the same thing and could shoot myself. Do you have a small dog-- could make a cute dog sweater.
  3. It says hand wash in cold water and flat dry. I know it was my own mistake for just throwing all the clothes in without checking. I usually do. I don't have a small dog yet but hope to be getting one within the year once I'm done with school. Good idea though lol
  4. My exprience is that BR & Gap have horrible return policies and are not customer focused. I always say vote with your wallet and shop where you KNOW your satisfaction will ALWAYS be guaranteed.

    Good luck.. Maybe they will surprise you.
  5. I used to work at the Gap and we would take back jeans if they shrunk after washing. In fact, we used to take back just about everything in order to please the customer. But that was almost 10 years ago and I'm sure Gap and BR have gotten a lot more strict. As much as I sympathize, I wouldn't blame them if they didn't take back your sweater, especially if it wasn't washed according to the instructions. But it doesn't hurt to try!
  6. I'm sorry, dear, but I think you're out of luck. You can try, but I wouldn't hold out much hope! How is this any different than spilling bleach down the front of it? What I mean is, it's not their fault and you know you did something that a reasonable person would expect to harm the clothes.
  7. Aww, I'm so sorry this happened! I shrunk a J. Crew sweater too not too long ago (after only wearing it once) and I was soooo upset, so I completely understand!

    I agree with the other posters, you could try, but they probably won't take it back... The way I thought about my sweater (I still have it!) is that I'll be able to fit it again once I lose weight LOL!
  8. That's what I've always heard too. When I worked for Limited, we'd always joke that Gap was like the "nice guys"-- nicer to customers, nicer to employees, etc...

    When I was younger I used to LOVE when my mom would shrink my dad's Brooks Brothers sweaters!! I still have one of them lol. So maybe if you have to keep it you could give it to someone's kid? Or you could make some felted wool stuff out of it?:shrugs:
  9. I know.. but considering places like Sephora let people return used makeup, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask lol
  10. You probably can't return it if it has a care label in it. I'm sorry about that!!!! You can try to stretch/reblock it again, though--I have used fabric softener and done it (some people use vinegar).

    Put the sweater in a mixture of cold water & fabric softener (make sure you put plenty of fabric softener in the water)--the wool relaxes, and then you can manipulate it by stretching it. Leave it in the water/softener for an hour, rinse, then take it out and press as much water from it as you can--then roll it up in a towel and again press as much water out as you can. Then lie it flat and stretch it to its previous size; let it air dry.

    Good luck!!!!!!
  11. I'm not sure if that would even work..

    Here's the before pic..

    And the after pic is attached..
    The sweater is only $40 now. If it was my favorite top, I'd definitely buy another one but I don't want to have to worry about this again so I think I'm just going to move on..

    I doubt it, but is there any hope the fabric softener will help this?
    25 002.jpg 25 003.jpg
  12. I tried to return a pair of pants that bagged out so badly after wearing them to work one day. They did not take them back. I gave them to goodwill.
  13. When I worked at gap we always took back things that shrunk/deformed in the wash because everything is supposed to be pre-shrunk when you buy it. They say to allow for 1/4 of an inch shrinkage. But with a shrunken wool sweater I am not sure they'd take it back, because they'll probably know it wasn't hand washed.

    I've ruined so many clothes this way... it really sucks!
  14. I work at BR part time and there's no way we'd take that back at my store. If it was defective and shrunk that much after following the care instructions, then we would. But since there's no way that would have happened after hand washing or dry cleaning, we'd have to refuse.

    Gap/BR used to take back anything that was washed or worn within two weeks of purchase if the customer was unhappy with it. That changed last year because of too many people abusing the policy.
  15. not to be mean but there is no way that a store should be liable to take back something the consumer ruined.

    wow that 2 week thing is really generous of them.