Banana Republic NEW MARKDOWNS get price adjustments

  1. somethings have been marked down, price adjustments apply for online and in-store orders.
  2. Is there any online discount code available now? I have free shipping with my BR card, so any 10%, 15% off code will be most welcome! Thanks!
  3. a little update:
    I just got home from BR, sales are much better in store than online on most items.
  4. ohhhhh .. DC-Cutie, thank you so much for mentioning the online price-adjustment. :flowers: :flowers:
    It's surprisingly easy for price-adjustment. No question. No hassle. :tender:

    My finally price for 2 extremely lovely tops is about $12 :rochard: :rochard:
    [They were $45.99 & 29.99 before coupon% off and price adjustment]
  5. I know. I just ordered dress shorts and some shirts less than a week ago. I'm going to call in for price adjustments. And possibly get more stuff :smile:
  6. I just got a price adjustments for some clothes I ordered online. I'm going to KOP today to check out what else they have in store. They are having a great sale this time.