Banana Republic Knit Slouchy Bags~

  1. I think these are really cute~ Thinking of ordering the gray one. The white one is nice to but I would probably have it dirty in no time. Makes me want to get a cup of hot cocoa & go skiing:smile: Anyone seen these in store yet?.. just curious on thoughts/
    br433315-00p01v01.jpg br433315-01p01v01.jpg
  2. i like the white on best
  3. i love the white one! it's cute!!!
  4. I love the white one, too!
  5. Hmmm...maybe I should go for the white one then!;) (& a can of stain repellent on the
  6. but if you're a little clumsy like me :P
    the gray one is as pretty... and i know you're going to use it much more than you buy the white one but too scared of ruin it
  7. I like the white one
  8. Love them both, how much do they retail for?
  9. Around $275 USD but there is usually BR coupons floating around for 15-20% off. Here are some more pics in case anyone is interested.
    br433315-01av3v01.jpg br433315-01av4v01.jpg br433315-01av1v01.jpg