Banana Republic/J Crew/ Ann Taylor In Store Coupons???

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  1. I need to spend a bunch at one of those stores this weekend (need to buy an entire suit + shoes). Anyone know of any in store coupons available?

    If I sign up for their online stuff will they send an in store coupon?

    Every little bit of savings helps.
  2. all of the stores you listed have dedicated threads, might be easier to check there..
  3. Already did and didn't see anything in them. Figured a new thread would better call attention to the specific need for an in-store coupon.
  4. Ann Taylor is doing a benefit for breast cancer. I donated $25 for the Ann Cares card and they gave 20% off the total purchase and the discount (20% off $100 or more purchases, 25% off if you have an Ann Taylor credit card) is good until 11/15/10 at LOFT, and other Ann Taylor stores and can be used multiple times.
  5. not a coupon but i just got an email from jcrew today that their fall sale is going on in stores and online, which is good timing for you! def check the individual threads and don't forget if you buy something full price you can usually get a price adjustment if it happens to get marked down within 2 weeks or so (not sure the policy for each of the stores you listed). good luck!
  6. eorchid: Thank you for that information! I"m planning on spending about $400 so that would be worthwhile. Can you just donate in store?

    Thanks Katrin!
  7. i was just in BR and there is additional 40% off sale items

    J Crew doesn't have much markdown selection in the store for suits
  8. Thanks mall has all three stores in it, so I'll definitely check sale inventory at each. I just cringe at paying full price nowadays!
  9. The BR at my mall also had xtra 40% off sale items and had tons of stuff! Got some GREAT deals!!! Worth it to check there!
  10. Try Ann Taylor Loft, they currently have 50% off on selected sales items.
  11. I received a mailer for Ann Taylor that includes a 20% off your purchase of $100 or more coupon that's valid through 10/24. The mailer includes a 20% off coupon "for a friend" as well. Perhaps they'll give you the discount if you mention this mailer.
  12. Thanks for the info Valerie!
  13. dr. twiggers, yes, you just buy the Ann Cares card in store. It's a donation really for breast cancer research and it is labelled "marketing" on the receipt. I also cringe at paying full price!
  14. thanks eor!!

    kat: I am looking for in store coupons.

    So weird though....I got an email today for 25% off full price and the big email ad says "in store and online" but the terms and conditions say "online only."