Banana Republic - Huge Sale

  1. I just got back from Banana Republic, I made a special trip to check out the shoes after reading about the additional 50% off elsewhere on the forum. Well it's not only the shoes on sale! I got a classic black suit for under $100!! Jacket was reg. $198 on for $55 and pants reg. $98 on for $23. Unbelieveable. Also got some super cute tops and sweaters for more than half price...time to stock up!
  2. I went there today and got some cute flats. I want these gloves they have online but not in store, anyone have banana republic online code?
  3. The only free codes I've seen lately are the shipping ones and I think it's free w/ $100 order or maybe it was more - it was posted on the site - it's only free for anything with a Luxe card I believe. I did stock up on tanks at half price!
  4. I went last thursday and the prices were the same pre-xmas but they were lowering prices while I was there again on saturday. Also the prices online are at least $10-$30 higher than they are in store. I bought these satin waist martin pants w/o trying them and they are perfect!! I wish i bought more.They were reduced to $19.99 from $108 but they are $39.99 online.
  5. thanks!