Banana Republic Hamptons

  1. Are there anymore of these in large size around? I can't find them online anymore. Was thinking of getting one cos it's the closest thing to the Tod's Miky that I can find that doesn't cost more than $500. Ay help, please?
  2. My local Banana Republic in Pentagon City (Arlington), VA had a few left last night...if it's the same bag that I'm thinking about. You should call them...I think they are on sale, and I know that they would probably ship it to you.
  3. Thanks for the info, Suli!
  4. Good luck!

    I'll keep my eyes peeled!

    Oh, you know, they can do a store search for you too!
  5. If it's the bag I'm thinking of, I saw many at their store in Oak Brook Illinois, ON SALE!!!!! I agree, call them - they have good Customer Service.
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