Banana Republic Friends and Family - Canada ONLY

  1. Friends and Family will be August 3rd to 5th and everything is 30% off the selling price. That means 30% off SALE prices, too! (half the store is on sale right now from summer and we'll probably get another markdown before then so we're talking great deals here!)

    You need the original invitation card to shop. Photocopies not accepted

    If anyone wants one, please PM me with your address and I will send you one (first come, first serve!). If you're from Toronto, I would love it if you came to MY location and used the card! (and help me win the store contest :yes:)

    These are not valid cross border so hopefully someone who works in the US can hook you American girls up. ;)
  2. I'm in the US :sad: but it is so sweet of you!
    Are you planning to have online coupon code?
  3. ^ BR online doesn't ship to Canada so there is no online code unfortunately. Sorry!
  4. Ahhh damn that is awesome but I'm not sure I'm gonna be in Montreal (closest BR) then :sad: Plus I'm on a shopping ban :sweatdrop: Are there any bags on sale? I love Br's leather handbags they're sooooo nice :drool: Mmm the Somerset bag & wallet.... :heart:

    Thanks so much for letting us know :yahoo:
  5. Call me stupid but I couldn't find the PM link to forward my mailing address. I added you to my buddy list but I still couldn't find the link. argh!
  6. Hi Azia,

    Just joined this forum, its awesome. I usually drive to MI and PA for deals, but your coupon, if you have any left, would be awesome. Where is the store you work out of?
  7. I want one but I can't figure out how to PM here!
  8. Girls, just click on my username and it will let you select "send PM".

    Remember, this is "CANADA ONLY!" They do not work in the US. Someone there needs to give you one. :smile:
  9. If I run out, I will try to get more for anyone who needs one. And remember, if you're in Toronto please come by the Eaton Centre so I get brownie points! (If you're going to come during that weekend, LMK and I will leave one for you at the cash so I don't have to mail them out too. Thanks for understanding!) Lol. ;)
  10. Maybe I'm too new or something because it won't let me PM anyone. Can I pm you at HF?
  11. yeah new members cannot PM!
  12. That is so sweet of you, thank you!
  13. Those who know me somewhere else, sure, just PM me there. :smile:
  14. You're such a sweetie azia - thanks so much!!! :love: :yahoo:
  15. I just PMd you. :yahoo: