Banana Republic Fillmore?

  1. So a friend of mine gave me the banana republic friends and family code... and I found a bag I really really loved... I just spent $100 on a coach bag (which I totally love) and that is a fairly decent amount of money for me. But I love this bag too! And with the discount it would be such a good deal! What do you think?? I just feel like this discount is only one weekend, and the bag is really the only thing I want.
  2. Great deal for a very classic looking bag. If you love it, you should get it!
  3. Buy it! The shape is great and the leather looks oh-so soft! If you think you'll get a good amount of use out of it it'll be entirely worth it. What color are you looking at?
  4. It's cute! Go for it.
  5. I love the cream color... I actually like the bag thats shown in the heading (the deeper clutch with the chain) but it doesnt seem to be available yet!
  6. That's a beautiful looking bag. Love the colour. Banana Republic has great bags for the price. I would go with it.
  7. It's a beauty.... :smile:
  8. Really nice! :tup: Go for it.
  9. I like it, too. BR has some cute bags! Go for it!
  10. Yes! I saw it in person the other day - it's lovely! Wonderful leather, good craftmanship and classic lines. Lucky you :smile:
  11. Very pretty and ladylike--go for it!