Banana Republic F&F?

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  1. Anyone heard anything about this one yet? Always one of my favourite F&F's...
  2. Starts tomorrow- ends sunday. 30% off.

    If you PM me your email I can forward the coupons to you.
  3. my coupon says it starts dec 1-3
  4. How did you guys get the invitation card / or coupons? I have a Luxe Card & have been receiving some coupons & news, but nothing like this "Friends & Family".
  5. Does anyone have the F&F code?
  6. I PM'd you...thanks!! YAY!!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Do you know if it's one time use only?
  8. the BR ff codes are one use only so you gotta find someone who works there to give you a coupon! my good friend mails me one from MA every time :smile:.
  9. OMG - I would LOVE to have a BR F&F coupon!
  10. Wouldn't we all...

    I've got one of their cards too and am not getting the F&F coupons. Or at least, I don't remember getting one recently. There's been a few other sales that I've gotten notifications of, but it just seems weird that they're not telling their cardholders.
  11. I hear 'ya...In the last year and a half, I have spent SO much money there on my Luxe card....yet no F&F coupon :sad: :cursing:
  12. i dunno about u guys but i am not liking anything at BR this fall/winter....
  13. I got it from my cousin. I know the online code is one use only but i am under the impression that if you print them out and bring them to the store they will accept them.

    I emailed everyone who PM'd me. Im taking off a few days so sorry if I dont get back to you from this point one.

  14. Hi All,

    The Banana F&F is from 12/1 thru 12/3. Its 30% off everything, both in store and online (and I think at factory stores too).

    Just wanted to pass along some info...I've been getting a lot of emails with the invitation attached. If you read the small writing on the invitation it says that photocopies will not be accepted. I called Banana to ask them if its acceptable. I was told that it would be rejected (but the guy did say that in some instances you might get a cashier that doesn't pick up on it.) But, he suggested that I really try to get my hands on an actual invitation so I don't get disappointed.

    Maybe the employee was wrong, but i'd hate to see everyone go with an photocopied invitation and get rejected.
  15. This is what I have:

    Old Navy-Friends & Family on line code good from Nov 27-Dec 3---20% off code

    Banana Republic Friends & Family on line code- 30% off Dec 1-3

    Gap Friends & Family on line code-30% off Nov 30-Dec 3