Banana Republic - Extra 20% Off Sale Items For 4 Days Only

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  1. Thanks!
  2. The codes didn't work for me either, but I called, and ended up getting the 20% extra off the already crazy low prices, I had a $40 rewards card I used, AND got free shipping with my Luxe card!!

    If you're having trouble, just call - they are aware that the code is not working.

    I saved $130 bucks!!!
  3. They sent me a new code over email:

  4. The first code worked for me! Make sure you put it in the right section.
  5. is this in stores as well?
  6. does anyone have a free shipping code? can u stack codes on or u can only use one code? i've never purchased anything on their site before. thanks!
  7. Wow! Great deal! Thanks for the post!:yahoo:
  8. Thanks!!
  9. hey people..

    hey, check out our rules yo!?
  10. You can't solicit on the tpf and you may want to edit your post. Personal email is not allowed to be posted. :okay:

    On the BR sale I received a new email from them saying they apologize and the codes work now. Hopefully they will go through now and sorry for the delay.