Banana Republic Coupon Code

  1. Does anyone have a discount coupon code for Banana Republic? I would like to order somthing from their website. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!!!!
  2. I got this card in the mail a few weeks ago from BR. I don't know if you can only use it if you have a BR card though.
    Enjoy 20% off your next Banana Republic card purchase thru Oct 31, 2006
    code: "BACK2BR"

  3. Thanks alot!!! I cannot use it because I do not have a Banana Republic card.
  4. try YAHOOBR (15% off $75+) until 10/30 and combine it with one of the free shipping codes: free standard ship code BRFREE ($125+), BRCARD ($50+ w/ BR card), LUXE (w/ Luxe card)


  5. Thanks alot!!!!!