banana republic coupon code?

  1. anyone have a banana republic free ship or % off coupon code besides the BRHOLIDAY one because you need a BR card for that, and i don't have one. i already made a purchase using the visa 15% off discount, but i think it was only a one time use because it wouldn't let me use it again. thank you in advance!
  2. 20% OFF AT BR EXPIRES 12/24/07

    Also, you might want to look into whether your visa card will allow you to generate unique, one-time use credit card numbers, since BR checks to see if the code was ever used with your credit card number, rather than your name. Each new number that you generate will allow you another use of the code.
  3. Try BANANAGIFT for 20% off, I'm not sure if you have to use a BR card or not though, I hope it works for you.