Banana Republic Bloomsbury tote

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  1. Hello all! What do you guys think of this tote? I ordered it this past weekend, but I think it might be way too big. I haven't seen it in my local stores, but ordered it on the lark anyway:

  2. I have the smaller version of this (hobo) and LOVE it. One thing though, they had a design flaw with the zipper that was causing it to cut through the thread on one side which caused the handle on that side to come loose! They fixed it and re-did the zippers, but be sure you've got one of the "new and improved" ones that has a zipper stop on both sides.
  3. That bag is gorgeous! I saw it at the store. I really like big bags right now so I wouldn't worry too much. How tall are you?
  4. Megs - I'm a mere 5'3" on a good day. :unsure:
  5. Pseub - Thanks for the advice. I will check for the flaw when I get the bag tomorrow.
  6. It doesnt appear to me to be but so big , so u should be ok
  7. I like big bags. Sometimes I just wanna carry my entire house! LOL
  8. KOJIKO U GOT MY BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooo glad when they brought this back cuz it was sold out 4 sooooo long!!!!
  9. I got this bag last night. It's cute, but unfortunately, it didn't speak to me as much as it did in the picture. Plus, I didn't realize that the top was opened, and I'm a bit paranoid about open bags since I commute by train to work every day. Plus, maybe it's just me, the leather had a weird smell.
  10. Thats perfectly normal for BR bags because I had the white bamboo handle hobo and the leather was potent for weeks. I dont know what their bags are treated with. If u didnt like it in the store why did u purchase it? Did this happen once u got home?
  11. I never saw it in the store....that's why I purchased it online. If I saw it in the store, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. The local stores in my area only had the smaller, zip hobo.
  12. Im quite sure they'll let u return it @ the store. That way you wont have to pay shipping and handling to return it to the co. Sorry to hear about that.:sad:
  13. I like that bag. I might have to go check it out today. How much was it?
  14. $300.