Banana Republic Bedford Satchel Opinions?

  1. Hi
    I saw a handbag today at BR and was wondering if I could get some feedback.

    Is it worth the price? Do you think it looks cheap? Sorry for all the questions, I have never bought a bag from BR and just need some thoughts. Thanks!!:nuts:
  2. i like it a lot... then again i'm a satchel fan. i like the white color the most. price isn't too bad. not sure if i can say it's worth it for a BR since i don't own any. not sure how they are. but def does look good!
  3. ^^ agreed. love the white the most. i like the shape a lot, not sure about durability since i've never bought a bag from BR either, but i've heard great things about their bag quality. it looks pretty expensive, but isn't. best combo!
  4. I like it in the white, but not so much in the brown. My mom has a BR bag and the leather and hardware are really nice, she's had it for about 5 months, no problems.
  5. Their bags are nice for the price. I don't love too many of them though; they are either too big or too small for me.
  6. I have no experience with BR bags, but this one looks good and definitely not cheap. The brown looks good to me--I like earth tones. It has some exterior details, but it's not overdone. Gets an A from me.
  7. I have to say, I bought 2 BR Sandhurst bags from the last big sale they had, and I love them. The leather gets better and better with use. Very well made.
  8. Hi! I'm new to the boards, but I have two BR bags (one Kempton tote and another from a prior season) and I love my bags. I use my Kempton as an everyday bag, and I'm really hard on it, and it's held up really well. Great hardware and sturdy but soft leather.

    I have my eye on the Ashbury four-pocket hobo. However, these bags always go on sale towards the end of the season, so if you can wait it out, you can probably get almost 30% off at that time. If you have a BR Luxe card, they will probably send you a 40% off code towards the end of the season to use on the bags!

    Hope that helps. I highly recommend their bags, but think it's worth the wait to get an even better price.
  9. From my own experience I would say Banana Republic handbags are of high quality. Very good quality-to-price ratio especially if you get them on sale. I have several of them from the fall/winter collections, and the whiskey leather is simply amazing.

    For this particular satchel, I handled it in the store. It's a little too big and too structured for me (I feel the same way for the entire Bedford collection), but the leather is nice and they are well made too. I agree with others - if you want it right now and are afraid they might sell out, you can get it now. But if you can wait, you'll probably get a much better deal. Banana Republic bags have a classic look and they seem to have the ability to survive not just one season. :smile:
  10. I like it in the white, but the other leather colors don't move me at all. I wish BR had some richer and different colors in their bag selection.
  11. I am new to this blog also. I just purchased the banana republic bedford shoulder bag. I notice who has a br bag likes their quality. I can't recall where I read this, but it said that coach and br teamed up to make these bags. I think that might explain their good quality-- get champagne quality for a beer price. Sounded good to me.
  12. The link didn't work for me :sad: