Banana Republic Bedford Collection???

  1. There is a bag within this new collection that I really really like. (the satchel) anyway it is $250, does anyone know if I should wait it out for a sale? Do their handbags go on sale? I don't want it to be gone..any thoughts would be great! Thanks!
  2. If you are not dying for it, my suggestion will be that you wait. Banana Republic bags do go on sale, and they go on sale deeply. Here is what I've observed over last year: 40% off Sandhurst collection for BR card users in November; 30% off various styles in December; and about 70% off right before the new year. So, unless you really want it and want to use it right now, you can just wait for the deal to come.:yes:
  3. Ditto. I got a Sandhurst demi for $70 in early December. They went on sale online and in stores, and I had a $20 off $100 coupon from someone else here. They go fast though- mine sold out online the same day. BR also lets you stack coupons, so you can add a $15 off to a 20% off etc and whittle it down that way. I love my sandhurst, but hate the lining. C'est la vie! Happy hunting! Don't forget to enter the free bag thing...
  4. When there's a sale, be sure that you enter the name of the bag you're looking for in the search box at their site. I was looking for a bag on sale in December and it didn't come up on any of the sale pages. I thought I was out of luck - and was disappointed, too - but it popped up when I searched for it (and it was deeply discounted!)
  5. ^^I haven't seen a search box on their website for some time...can you please either post the link or give some instrctions about where to look? Thanks!