banana republic Bags


Feb 10, 2006
I bought two Banana Republic bags this year. One white, a large hobo, and a black triangle bag. These are great, and really really really affordable. Check them out! Anyone??
I bought a brown Tangiers triangle bag in the smaller version and love it! It's really roomy and looks good on those casual days. And yes, verrrry affordable!
They've made some really nice bags in the two few seasons. A few of us obsessed with the Tangiers and Kempton collections when it came out earlier in January. Check out some of the past posts....most of us were drooling over the bags.

I ended up getting a small Tangiers triangle tote, at a huge discount because of my rewards from using the BR card. I really liked the large tote, but when I got to the store and tried it out, it was way too big for me proportionally.

Congrats on your new bags!!! Enjoy them!