Banana Republic bags


    They seem to be copying the styles of a lot of other designers. A quick look and I see bags that look very similar to MJ, YSL, Mulberry. Their clothing quality has gone way down lately and now this. Not into BR at all these days...
  2. I have one of their bags from a few seasons ago. I think its a cute bag but I dont use it that often. Some of their new bags are cute but I think the prices are a bit steep.
  3. I think the filmore small satchel is cute but I havent seen it in real life yet
  4. I often stop by the store and fondle the bags. While some of them are beautiful, I find them all to be heavy, and a bit overpriced. Some good deals on new ones on eBay, but they're still too heavy for me. Sigh.
  5. ya i saw the filmore little satchels at the store the other day and its CUTE! the one i saw was like velvety material with patent leather buckle closure, cute little evening sort of bag. never had a BR bag before so not sure about the quality...
  6. I agree. I bought two of the bags but eventually sold them because they were way too heavy.
  7. I know, isn't their quality TERRIBLE these days? Actually, to be honest the only thing of quality that I think they do have is their bags. The bags (though definite copies of the high end designers) are actually very good quality leather and are priced very affordably for the quality for those who cannot afford high end.

    Their clothes on the other hand - you may as well shop at H&M for the quality you're getting.