Banana Republic Bags: Where are they made?

  1. I love the Fall 2006 Banana Republic handbags, but I'm just curious...does anyone know where they're made? Not that it makes any difference, I still plan to get one anyway...just wanted to know.
  2. Hi Buttery,

    I bought two Bloomsbury totes last year and they both said "Made in China". I thought the leather on my cognac tote was beautifully soft and it seemed to be made really well. However, my anthracite (metallic) tote smelled like chemicals. My brother's girlfriend at the time liked the anthracite tote so I gave it to her.
  3. I think all of Banana Republic bags are made in China. Since 2005 till now, I've never seen one that's made elsewhere......well, it's only my personal experience. :smile:
  4. I think they are made by Coach, aren't they? And some Coach is now made in China, so I guess BR bags are made in China.
  5. Coach does not make Banana Republic bags.
  6. ^^ They are made from the same leather that Coach uses
  7. Thanks ladies! I really like the way the saddle bags look.
  8. i once had a brown leather backpack from the Gap, and that backpack b/c it was all leather retailed for close to $300 back in the early 90's and I still have it today! It's quality leather, and since BR is owned by the GAP - depending on the price, I am sure it is going to be a quailty made purse!
  9. last i heard, it's made in malaysia.