banana republic bags anyone?

  1. I just bought a black leather satchel from them and I was wondering how they hold up. I bought it to wear when its raining hard or snowing. Just can't seem to bring my Lvs out in that kind of weather. The bag is cute but a bit too heavy. If it will hold up then it's a keeper . If not it may need to go back.
  2. I have a BR bag from last winter and the leather is really great. I talked to the sales lady about it and she said that they used to use the same leather manufacturer as Coach, but they switched to an italian (i think) leather manufacturer and it is higher quality. Mine has lasted through a full winter and it still looks fantastic. I also have a laptop bag from there that is canvas/leather trim and it has also held up really well.
  3. I only have their older collection (Sandhurst), but their newer collection seems sturdier....I guess it's a matter of personal taste; I like the suppler leather of the earlier stuff, but I imagine that the current collection would hold up better in bad weather! :yes:
  4. I have a bag from the older collection as well. It was such a gorgeous bag yet it literally came apart at the seams after just two months. When I took it back to the store, the manager told me that there was nothing they could do about it. However, their new collection looks like it very well made and the leather looks quite good. I think that I would give it one more shot and buy another bag from them.
  5. I've got a BR bag -- it's one of my two main work bags. I love it!
  6. I've always thought the quality on BR bags was pretty good. I haven't purchased one lately, but I always liked mine in the past. I have a few friends who purchased BR in the past year (and these women are VERY into purses) and they both rave about the BR quality.
  7. Oh yes, I own a couple of chathams - and they are great for carrying tons of stuff.
  8. I got a couple as gifts last year...they are amazing. The leather is buttery soft but very sturdy. And the styles are much better now.
  9. Thank you for all your responses. I am going to keep it. I was just so pleasantly surprised by the nice shape and great price that I thought it might be to good to be true. Now I'm delighted that it is a true find. As far as being it a bit heavy I just won't wear on a day when I will be doing a lot of walking.Thanks again.
  10. my sister has probably half a dozen banana bags, and she loves them to death...very high quality product...i was also told that they are manufactured in italy by the same people as prada..
  11. My BR bag gets the most use and a ton of compliments, I have the big brown leather one with the 4 pockets/big buckles thingie on the front...its very cute and functional! A great deal for a couple hundred imo...
  12. i got one in california recently. love it! of course it is still sitting in the sustbag (having a coach moment of late) but i love the colour of the leather, the size of the bag, i can tell the quality is there, and for 1/3 the price of coach!
  13. I've heard that in the past few years they have made an effort to make higher quality bags. The ones that I have seen recently seem pretty well made.
  14. The Gap companies made a big effort to step up their handbags after the big boom, and they actually do a nice job of generally staying away from knockoff trends. The BR bags are really well made, and wear well.

    Since that Guess knockoff thread is going on and on, are there any other chain store bags you guys are partial too? I'm personally a big fan of all things Club Monaco. Some of the leathers can be hit and miss, but in general, the bags are simple and well made, and their clutches are always spot on.

    Sorry if there's already been a thread like this, I'm new and haven't found one yet.. :smile:
  15. ^^^
    I'm really loving Club Monoco right now. I just got some clothes from there and was eyeing their faux snakeskin clutches. I prefer their clothes and J.Crew lately to BR. I don't know it seems that bag quality at BR is up but I think some of their clothing quality is down - at least inconsistent.

    I'm thinking of a BR bag too! Actually I've been feeling a little flashy at work and their bags seem nicely designed and a good deal. That or a Hayden Harnett bag...or both, this is the purse forum, LOL!