Banana Republic bag that i actually like!

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  1. a few months ago i bought one of the leather bags. it was a beautiful coffee brown, however, it rubbed dye all over my white jacket, so i was pretty upset and returned it. so i swore off their leather bags until they do something about the dye.

    maybe it was just my bag, but i don't want to take anymore chances.

    so i saw this on their website and bought it. heck for 50 bucks, it's a cute little summer throw around bag.

    i used it tonight to go to dinner and it's pretty. it's about the size of a muse large bag. but thinner. the bamboo handles are pretty hard, so if you carry it on your shoulder, make sure what is inside the bag is relatively light. if you carry it in your hands, it's great too. no complaints there.

    since it's went on sale, it's been selling like hotcakes.
  2. wrong forum, newb :graucho:
  3. damn oops are u serious? LOL. can u kindly move it for me? nevermind, i see that you already have. thanks!
  4. causing problems again???

  5. fayden is being freakin' complicated. :rolleyes:

  6. what else is new? i suggest you ban her....nothing but trouble.
  7. waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. ok fine. go ahead and ban me! no more pretty pictures to look at! :sad:

    anyone a yankee fan? i went to a game last nite, and i swear the yankee fans are the rudest. well except for red sox fans.
  8. I like it =) Congrats!!
  9. Gorgeous, I love the bamboo handle !
  10. I love it too!
  11. I have been searching for this bag with no luck!
    I am always a day late!
  12. It's a perfect bag for summer ... now I have to run off to BR to see if the ones here are on sale. Congrats fayden!
  13. CUTE bag!:yes:

    I'm married to a Yankee fan family. . . I can attest to this!:lol:

    Actually, DH has denounced himself frm the Yankee fan club, he doesn't want to be associated! He hates when I tell people he's from NY honestly!:shocked: :lol:
  14. i love it.
  15. hahahhaah why does he hate it? i'm more of a mets fan honestly. and i get to rub it in to yankee fans that mets are #1 this year!