banana republic bag sales?

  1. does anyone know when this season's banana republic bags will start to go on sale? like mid-summer or end of summer? how much typically is the discount? And do you anticipate that the bags may sell out (I have the ashbury line in mind)?

    Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. they may be on sale now, since the sale just started last week. I'd check with a SA, since online there's nothing to be had..
  3. :yes:
  4. They are running a special now, it's on their website, buy any handbag and get a wristlet or wallet 40% off. Not great. I remember last year, other than "sale" items, they promo'd the handbags in November.
  5. Huh, thanks, I didn't know that a SA would be able to tell me when they would go on sale, or that they would even know, but I'll try! November is quite a ways away, I might have to do something drastic before then lol
  6. Let us know if you find anything out. I'm looking at a bag myself!
  7. ^^I believe the Ashbury line is on sale now. My friend found the beautiful 4 pocket hobo recently for a great price. :flowers:
  8. Not about on sale but free shipping at for orders over $125
    code: BRFREE
  9. Most of their spring/summer bags went on sale about a month ago. There are still some left...
  10. Hmm..I was at BR the other day, and they had a bunch of handbags on sale, along with their summer shoes.

    I got 2 pairs of leather wedges, SO adorable...reg. price $118 and I got them for $27!

    I'd call your local store and ask about it- I know you can also use the extra 15% off a $75 purchase coupon as well.
  11. BR at 3rd Street, Santa Monica had a ton of brown bags on sale in various styles.
  12. dang, i guess i missed the best time for summer bags! =(