Banana Republic 15% off $125 + for Luxe Customers

  1. code: is 2008LUXE expires 3/13/08, there is also a hard copy of the coupon, I just got it in the mail today. Also, I rec'd a 15% coupon in the mail which is good until the end of the year, I think it's only for luxe customers though, and there was no on-line code attached to it.

    It really pays to be a luxe customer, I really got lucky that I became one before they changed the rules, now I get free freight at BR, Old Navy and Gap for life, among other perks. And I don't even have to worry about keeping my numbers up.

    Still a good deal if you buy $800 a year combined at BR, GAP and Old Navy.
    Belated Happy Valentine's Day everyone :heart:
  2. Thanks Ms. P. Just in time!
    I'm a luxe member too (haven't got my hard copy coupon though).
  3. Do you know when they changed the rules? I got a luxe card last year and I thought I got free shipping and free alterations regardless of purchase size...
  4. you should. i have a luxe card and still get free shipped (with LUXE) and just took 4 pairs of pants to have then altered, and have more to take this week. I don't believe there is any purchase size that will allow you to get the benefits of LUXE, what changed is now having to "requalify" for your luxe card by spending $800 each year. That wasn't the case when the card was first started. :tdown:
  5. Disclaimer:
    Requalification does not apply to cardholders who opened their account on or before 9/18/07.

    I believe they mean: cardholders who opened their LUXE account on or before this date.
  6. I am about to become a LUXE card holder!! Only $98 to go....but I have pants from BR that I purchased a few months ago. Can I bring those in to get altered after I become a luxe member?