Ban? What ban? Pics!

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  1. Ok ok so I'm SUPPOSED to be on a ban but with the help of you lovely ladies here I managed to break it in style!

    Since I got such a great deal with the 20% off when opening a new account at Bloomies I splurged...a little

    First up-the silver card holder I really should have returned it because it's just not big enough, but it's so pretty I can't make myself do it!
    With flash

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the Cambon flats in black with black patent CC's
    Roxy inspecting
    And a semi-modeling pic
    Thanks for letting me share!
    Enjoy the pics!
  2. Congrats! Great purchases. I almost bought that silver card holder too! Love love the patent flats....those CC's really stand out! Gorgeous!
  3. Lovely shoes, May I ask how much they are?
  4. Congrats, those shoes are great!
  5. schmoo88-isn't it fabulous?!?! Thanks!
    mediana-I believe they were $570
  6. Beautiful shoes and your card holder is stunning Congrats!:smile:
  7. Congrats! i Love the card holder and shoes. is that a ferret? too cute!
  8. Love them both!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I would be able to part w/ the cc holder either! It's gorg and so are the shoes!!! I didn't think those were made anymore. My Chanel stinks! They don't even have shoes!
  9. ackk i am loving your cambon ballerinas...where did you snag those? i saw a pair at BG last July and should have grabbed i can't find them anywhere on the west coast. UGH!
  10. Woooo, love your flats!!
  11. gorgeous and classic! I love the flats :heart:
  12. OMG, LOVE them both - definitely worth breaking the ban for!!! The silver cc holder is soooo fab...and I love the colour combo of your flats!! Can't believe you got them for 20% off too...that's so awesome! Congrats!!!

  13. Soo not fair I really want those cambon ballet flats, you rock them!
  14. Nice
  15. Congrats!, love :heart:your shoes too!